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The completion of this three-phased project is dependent on community donations and grant funding. Your donation, made either online or mailed, will help achieve the goal of $400K for Phase I which is the centerpiece and most expensive part of the Memorial.


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May 2023 Update

Memorial Day Message From the Veterans & First Responders Memorial Group at Fairfield Glade


Memorial Day is set aside to honor fallen heroes, those men and women who have sacrificed so much to answer the call of our nation to defend our freedoms and protect our liberties. As a nation we owe them everything. It is our obligation to honor their memory and to reflect upon the true purchase price of our national heritage.


It is this belief that serves as the driving force behind the Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade. Our goal is to provide a place in our community where residents and visitors can go to relax, enjoy the peaceful surroundings, and most of all, pause and reflect on the men and women who have served and are serving our nation, states and communities. Thankfully, not every veteran or first responder has had to make that ultimate sacrifice, but they have dedicated much of their lives to protect and to serve us, and sometimes that service has led to the utmost sacrifice.


While our Memorial as it is planned and developed will have many wonderful and meaningful features, including a Flag Plaza displaying government and service flags, the centerpiece will be the engraved bricks that will be placed throughout the plaza. These bricks will be inscribed with the names of veterans and first responders who have served or are serving our nation at various times and locations throughout our history. It will reflect the geographic diversity that our community embodies. It will be national in scope and help visitors realize that every corner of our nation has been a part of this great sacrifice and commitment to service.


As you spend this Memorial Day reflecting upon your friends, family members and loved ones who have served our nation, please consider buying an engraved brick to honor their memory. Their name will be joined by others who have made such a great and collective contribution to our freedoms and well-being. Together we will honor them for decades to come.


For more information on placing an order for engraved bricks, please visit:


Phil Smith


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