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The completion of this three-phased project is dependent on community donations and grant funding. Your donation, made either online or mailed, will help achieve the goal of $400K for Phase I which is the centerpiece and most expensive part of the Memorial.


For more information please email info@vfrmemorial.com.

Veterans and First Responders Memorial Proposed Land Lease Agreement


On August 22, 2019, the Community Club Board of Directors approved a Resolution to allocate a portion of the newly donated property from Wyndham for the expansion of Robin Hood Park to the Veterans and First Responders Memorial organization. Three years later, the Veterans and First Responders Memorial organization has formed an independent 501c3 organization, established a Board of Directors, commissioned architectural plans for the Memorial, conducted a fund-raising campaign, and now is in the financial position to begin initial construction on the Flag Plaza of the Memorial.


The proposed Veterans and First Responders Memorial Land Lease Agreement formalizes the understanding of responsibilities between the Veterans and First Responders Board of Directors and the Fairfield Glade Community Club. The Veterans and First Responders organization will be responsible for the construction and ongoing maintenance of the Memorial site and the Community Club will be reimbursed for any groundskeeping or maintenance expenses.


The Community Club Board of Directors will be considering the proposed Agreement at the May 26th Board of Directors meeting. Comments from the members of the Community Club regarding the Agreement need to be received by Friday, May 20, 2022, to be considered by the Board.


Click HERE to view the August 22, 2019, Board of Directors Resolution.


Click HERE to view the proposed Veterans and First Responders Land Lease Agreement.


Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade

November 2021 Update


As we approach Veterans Day, November 11th will be a special occasion for the Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade. It is the date we hold our long-awaited groundbreaking ceremony at Robin Hood Park. Several local dignitaries will join us in celebrating this event beginning at 3:00 PM CT. From 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM representatives of the Memorial board and volunteers will be available at The Center to answer questions about the project.


Much has been accomplished since the Memorial’s inception in late 2018 by a group of patriotic Cumberland County residents. This includes the formation of an IRS-approved tax-exempt nonprofit corporation, selecting the location for the Memorial as has been provided by the Fairfield Glade Community Club, developing a meaningful Memorial design to honor our veterans and first responders, and launching an effective fundraising program. These developments have brought us to the point of looking ahead to building an exceptional Memorial for the men and women in service to our communities, states, and nation.


Since our last community update in September, the Memorial Board of Directors and volunteers successfully launched its Founders 200 Club that seeks financial contributions from local and regional residents, businesses and organizations to help offset the costs of construction. The goal is to encourage donors to provide gifts of at least $1,000 to the construction fund. The response has been very encouraging as we now have close to 50 members in this club of supporters. A we continue our planning for the Memorial, the Founders 200 Club members along with our Silver, Gold and Platinum donors will play a critical role in helping us meet our financial needs.


Though pleased with the financial support provided to date, the project needs additional funding to complete both the Flag Plaza and the hoped-for Memorial Garden that is to be a part of the complex. Those who are interested in supporting the Memorial can learn more by going to our website at www.vfrmemorial.com. A popular option is to consider an end of the year transfer from retirement accounts to the Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade as others have done. Consult your financial advisor.


Following our Veterans Day groundbreaking ceremony, the Memorial Board will work with the Community Club to get the Flag Plaza foundation ready for construction. This work should begin over the winter months. Once the foundation is secure the next step will be to get ready for the installation of engraved bricks and flags which are the focal point of the Memorial. More information will be made available once the site is fully prepared and a contractor has been selected to build the foundation. At that time the selling of engraved bricks will be announced with much more detail.


Thank you for your support and interest in this project. It is an exciting opportunity for all to say thanks to those who have served or are serving us.


August 2021 Update from the President of the Board, Mike Williams


I am pleased to report that July was a successful month for the Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade. We have reached a point in our planning where we are beginning to see some very encouraging developments that will lead to the ultimate success in building a wonderful memorial honoring our veterans and first responders. Let me summarize some of them for you now.


Fundraising: We had a great month in July, raising over $65,000. This was due largely to the successful launch of our Founders 200 Club, and the very generous contribution of the Rogers Group to our efforts.


  • The Founders 200 Club is focused on recruiting 200-plus individuals, businesses and organizations to donate $1,000 or more towards our efforts. The first month we had 37 new members to this group contributing over $37,000.

  • The Rogers Group generosity made it possible for the Memorial to receive the largest donation yet of $26,312.28, and

  • Crab Orchard Utility District and its customers continue to support our efforts via the monthly bill round up program. To date that has been almost $15,000! This is awesome!


We are very grateful to those who joined us and look forward to more helping in the coming months. This is a great community effort as we work towards saying “thank you” to those who have served or are serving.


July Financial Report: Because of the successful July fundraising efforts we were able to close out the month of July with a balance of over $105,000. Of this amount, $100,000 is dedicated exclusively to the construction of the Memorial. The remaining funds will be used to offset operational and administrative costs. (These funds have been donated by Board members, so that all other contributions will be dedicated to building the Memorial)


New Board Members: at the July 22nd Board meeting we appointed three new members. Colleen Mall, Chris South and Kate Self. 


Colleen is a well-known leader within our community already, having served in leadership positions with various Fairfield Glade community organizations and as a current District 9 Commissioner representing us on the Cumberland County Commission. She moved to Fairfield Glade after she retired from a successful career in health care and as an Army Reservist retiring as a Colonel in the Nursing Corps.


Kate Self is known to many of you as she is a leader within our Fairfield Glade Police Department, serving as the Administrative Lieutenant within the department. She is regularly seen throughout Fairfield Glade assisting us in many important ways. 


Chris South is the Crossville Fire Chief and a long-time leader within Cumberland County. He has been involved in multiple important roles as a part of his firefighting and emergency services career.  He will help us reinforce that the Memorial is an important Cumberland County effort.


Schedule: I am often asked about the schedule and what can be expected relative to the development of the Memorial. Over the next few months this is what we are anticipating:


  • Site Survey Work: The Memorial is a part of Robin Hood Park and will be incorporated into the overall design of this area. The Fairfield Glade Community Club is conducting a site survey which will be completed this month. This is needed so the exact location of the Memorial can be identified and be given to the architect for the preparation of the final plans for the Flag Plaza;

  • Once the site plan is completed, the landscape architect retained by the Memorial Board will begin the preparation of construction ready plans for the Flag Plaza. This will then be the basis for the request for proposals from contractors to begin the construction of the Flag Plaza. It will also help determine the final estimate of costs for this phase of the Memorial. This will be completed in the Fall.

  • Details on the ordering for the engraved brick program recognizing individual veterans and first responders will be announced later this year.

  • It is hoped that the community will be able to host a dedication ceremony on this upcoming Veterans Day and construction will begin in the Spring of 2022.


Upcoming Events: Two special activities are planned for the August-September period.


  • The Memorial will sponsor a booth at the Cumberland County Fair which will take place August 23-28, at the County Fairgrounds. We will be sharing space with the Crossville Military Memorial Museum, giving both organizations an opportunity to talk to the public about our plans, activities and hopes for the future.

  • In partnership with the Fairfield Glade Community Club, we will be promoting a special 911 Commemorative Concert at The Square on Saturday, September 11, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. This will help increase the awareness of the important contributions made to our nation by military and first responder personnel throughout history. More details will soon follow for this special event.


Support: We are pleased with the progress made to date and the tremendous support we are getting from within the county. In order for us to succeed this support must continue. Financial contributions are especially appreciated and are needed to make this dream a reality. If you have given already, thank you. If you are considering making a contribution or joining the Founders 200 Club, please do so. You will not be disappointed and it will mean much to our veterans and first responders. For more details, please check out the website at; www.vfrmemorial.com. And if you would like more information or would like to have a representative of our Memorial talk to you or speak to your club or organization, please feel to contact us at: info@vfrmemorial.com.


July 2021 - Founders 200 Club Created


The Board of Directors of the Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade is excited to announce the launching of the Founders 200 Club, a new category of giving through which donors will be permanently recognized at the Robin Hood Park site of the Memorial.


This Club will be for the first 200 individuals, businesses or organizations that make a tax-deductible donation of $1,000 or more to the Memorial. They will then be automatically enrolled in the Founders 200 Club and will become a part of a permanent display listing the names of the Founders 200 Club.


This Club is a critical part of the success of the Memorial. While many other forms of donations are appreciated and vitally important to our success, this Club will provide the core support needed to assure the construction of a meaningful and well-built Memorial. The Board of Directors is committed to ensure the Memorial is a fitting tribute to those who have served or are currently serving us in a military or first responder capacity, providing for our safety and well-being and most importantly, protecting our freedoms.


The Memorial complex will consist of a Flag Plaza and a Memorial Garden. It is hoped that a groundbreaking ceremony will be held on Veterans Day this year with construction beginning at the Phase I “Flag Plaza” soon thereafter. This will be dependent upon our fundraising success.


For a more complete update on the plans and status of the Memorial and for details on how you can donate please visit our website at: www.vfrmemorial.com. It will also provide more information on other forms of giving and donor recognition. This is an Internal Revenue Service approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

June 2021 - Project Update


In just a few months the ‘Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade’ will start to be a reality with groundbreaking ceremonies scheduled for this fall.  The Veterans and First Responders Memorial organization has spent 2 ½ years organizing and planning for this memorial.  The purpose is to recognize and honor our veterans from all 7 branches of the military and to recognize and honor our first responders (Police, Fire Fighters, and Emergency Medical Technicians) who provide for the health, safety, and general well-being of our citizens. 

Establishing the organization, writing by-laws, and recruiting members to serve on the Board were the first steps.  The next challenge was having the organization chartered by the state of Tennessee and approved by the IRS as a tax-exempt organization.  Finally, standing committees (Finance, Marketing, and Design and Construction) were formed.  The decision was made at the beginning that this endeavor was to recognize individuals not just in Fairfield Glade (FFG) but throughout all of Cumberland County, Fairfield Glade was just the location of the proposed memorial.  With that in mind, strong ties were built between the organization and Fairfield Glade.

Although starting was slow, the momentum grew.  It was decided to divide the project into 3 Phases.  Phase 1 would be a flag plaza displaying 14 various flags, Phase 2 would be a Commemorative/Refection Garden, and Phase 3 would be a pavilion in conjunction with FFG.  To begin, designs were researched resulting in hiring an architect.  A location over many months was approved between the VFR Memorial Board and the FFG Board.  The designated area is on the edge of Robin Hood Park on the shore of Lake Catherine.  All phases will include monuments recognizing events and organizations.  In addition, personalized engraved bricks will be sold to individuals who would like to memorialize family members or loved ones.

We now approach the biggest challenge, raising funds.  All monies raised will be private from individual donors, businesses, and foundations.  We are convinced that the public will strongly support this meaningful cause.  A dedicated website, www.vfrmemorial.com, has been designed to explain our purpose, show administrative actions taken, illustrate architectural renderings, host frequently asked questions (FAQ), list donors (individuals and businesses), and even how to donate funds.  Selling individualize engraved bricks will begin this fall as well.  Funds from brick sales will be used for buying, engraving, and installing the bricks.  In addition, these funds will be used for the continued maintenance of the memorial grounds into the future.

We encourage all to review our website and want to thank everyone ahead of time for their support and donations for this worthwhile project! Your support will mean much to our veterans, active-duty personnel and first responders.