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The completion of this three-phased project is dependent on community donations and grant funding. Your donation, made either online or mailed, will help achieve the goal of $400K for Phase I which is the centerpiece and most expensive part of the Memorial.


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Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade

Status Report and Press Release


Happy New Year from the Board of Directors for the Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade!


As we look back on 2023, we are grateful for the many things we were able to accomplish on behalf of the Memorial, including raising financial support and preparing for the construction of the Flag Plaza. While we have had some delays in our plans for construction due to higher costs and labor supply issues, we were able to close the year with the selection of a skilled general contractor who will soon start installing the foundation for the flags and the engraved pavers. Residents and visitors will soon see activity at Robin Hood Park as this work continues.


Looking ahead to 2024, we plan to dedicate the Flag Plaza on Memorial Day. Weather permitting, we should complete the foundations, walkways and lighting placement this spring. Thirteen flag poles will be installed displaying the military, first responder, American, POW-MIA, Tennessee and local government flags. Most importantly, we will install the over 400 purchased engraved pavers. Work will continue on the Flag Plaza after that date as we incorporate special features such as the seawalls, pedestals and displays, but the flags will be raised and the foundation for the pavers will be in place.


If you are considering purchasing bricks engraved with the name of a veteran or first responder, we strongly urge you to place your order by February 15, 2024. There will be room for at least another 800. By doing this, we can assure you that they will be included with the initial installation of the inaugural pavers and will be a part of the planned dedication on Memorial Day. Bricks can be ordered after that date, but we may not have them in time for the first installation. They will be included in future installation dedications on special occasions. Bricks can be ordered online at:


While the public has been very generous with their financial support to date, we will continuously need to rely upon donations in order to build a Memorial that our community and Tennesseans will look upon with pride. The Board of Directors for the Memorial is committed to diligently working towards this goal, assuring our supporters of the responsible management of donations and their investment in quality designs, materials and workmanship.


Over the coming weeks we will make information known to the public about our progress through Club communications and press releases. We will soon announce a Town Hall Meeting in Fairfield Glade to update those interested in the Memorial, and to discuss our exciting plans for Phase II of the project. In the meantime, you are urged to check the Memorial website at for periodic updates or to contact us for more information, assistance with your brick order or to make a donation. Thank you.


Phil Smith, President

Board of Directors, Veterans and First

Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade


Fall 2023 Update

Dear friends,

As you drive by the Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade site, located in Robin Hood Park across from Weigel’s and OneBank, you will notice that construction is currently underway! So far, the work has been mostly underground, but that will change as work on the concrete foundations, walls, and flag poles will soon become apparent.

The Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade is a privately funded endeavor. You can support the project financially by donating here or by purchasing an engraved brick here. Thank you in advance for your support! Every dollar is a big help as we strive to make this memorial a meaningful and high-quality tribute to those who have served or our currently serving our community and nation.

Please visit our website at for more information.

Best regards,

Oliver Dossmann

Board member, Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade

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