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The completion of this three-phased project is dependent on community donations and grant funding. Your donation, made either online or mailed, will help achieve the goal of $400K for Phase I which is the centerpiece and most expensive part of the Memorial.


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February/March 2023 


Community Update – Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade


Construction has started on the Veterans and First Responders Memorial in Robin Hood Park. Land preparation is now underway, which is exciting as many of us have been waiting for years! Of course, this is only the first of several steps. This first phase of the project is building the Flag Plaza which will host flags representing our country, state, county, seven branches of the military services, and first responders (law enforcement, firefighters, 911 dispatchers and emergency medical personnel). These flags will be arranged in three concentric circles.


The foundation for these circles will be engraved pavers or bricks. These will not represent organizations, but rather individuals; the soldiers, the sailors, the airmen, the police, the firefighters, the 911 dispatchers and EMTs. The base will be composed of engraved pavers honoring the men and women of these organizations with their names inscribed in each brick. Names along with dates, logos of their organizations, and details of these individuals will be a permanent symbol to memorialize them.


Engraved bricks representing these heroes can be purchased by their families, relatives, or friends. The process to purchase a brick is easy and involves visiting our organization’s website at Step-by-step instructions are provided as well as answers to Frequently Asked Questions. In addition, if you have any other questions, please contact us. There is no limit to how many bricks you may purchase. As far as what to inscribe on your brick, that is up to the individual. Again, let us know if you need any assistance.


Between the three flag circles, it is estimated that we have the capacity for a total of 2,000 bricks. We have been selling engraved bricks for several months and those that have been purchased have been manufactured and are being held in storage. The plan is to begin installing them in the first flag circle late spring or early summer. If you would like to have your brick installed in the first batch, we suggest you purchase yours by the end of March. It is hoped that a dedication ceremony will be held on or near the Fourth of July of this year. Look for an announcement in the coming months. Please note that individuals honored with an engraved brick do not need to be residents of Cumberland County. 


Thank you for your support of the Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade!


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