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The completion of this three-phased project is dependent on community donations and grant funding. Your donation, made either online or mailed, will help achieve the goal of $400K for Phase I which is the centerpiece and most expensive part of the Memorial.


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January 2023


Community Update - Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade


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On behalf of the Board of Directors for the Veterans and First Responders Memorial at Fairfield Glade, I want to express appreciation to all of you who have supported our efforts and shown an interest in building this memorial to be located in Robin Hood Park. We have just completed a very successful year and are looking forward to many significant developments in 2023.


During the 2022 period we were able to:


  • Start the construction of the Memorial using the plans that have been developed and approved by our Board and shared with the community. This included the Flag Plaza which is designed to display the designated flags along with bricks engraved with the names of first responders and veterans who are being honored;

  • Launch the sales of the engraved bricks through online marketing via our website at; and

  • Continue to raise privately donated funds to support the construction and on-going maintenance of the Memorial. The year ended with approximately $330,000 available for its construction.


All of us have felt the impact of inflation and supply chain issues in our daily lives. This is certainly true for the Memorial as we have seen some of the original estimated costs given by our architect almost double. Rather than lowering our standards for the Memorial design, we will serve as our own general contractor and seek to reduce expenses in other areas. It might take longer to complete and include more reliance on volunteers, but the result will be a lasting Memorial that our community will enjoy for many years in the future.  Therefore, as we look ahead, this is what we expect:


  • The site preparation work for the Flag Plaza will be completed by the end of January; allowing for the installation of the irrigation, electrical, and lighting conduits in February.

  • Work on the concrete footers and foundation for the Flag Plaza will start in the spring once a contractor has been selected;

  • The flag poles will be installed once the concrete foundation is completed, leading to the installation of the first bricks in late spring/early summer.


Over the next few months, we will start the design work for the adjoining half acre Memorial Garden which will include a gazebo as well as many special features that are yet to be identified but will include donor recognition. Once the design is completed, we will share it with the community. We are excited about the potential of this Garden.


We continue to rely on the generosity of our donors and supporters. If you would like more information on how you can help us meet our financial goals or to make a donation, please visit our website at  where you can also sign up for our email updates.


Thank you for your continued interest in this exciting project.

Phil Smith
Board President


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